DK Architects

Thanos Daskarolis and Polytimi Kyriakopoulou graduated from the National Technological University of Athens NTUA.

Thanos Daskarolis worked as director of the technical department in a food company until 2000.

Polytimi Kyriakopoulou has worked as a partner in several architectural projects and participated successfully in different architectural competitions.

They have founded together dkarchitects office at 2001 which is located in Athens. The main issues of their office are design, management and construction of projects such as residences, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes as well as houses and retails renovations.

Every architectural project is adapted to the requirements of the environment and the needs of their clients, starting from the first scratch to the final result.

Being an architect, drawing buildings in balance either with the urban surroundings or the natural environment, building spaces with materials, we work on our projects with only goal the simplicity and the clearance of our opus. Our perseverance to simplicity and to austerity arises from our need to express the relationship between the natural elements like light, age or air, and the space that we finally implement.

The relationship we build with our customers is direct and creative.

Besides, the main reason we chose to be architects is our desire to give form to innovative ideas.

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